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Enterprise Mobility + Security (EMS)

Microsoft Intune

ClickNetworks can help you achieve a harmonized balance between giving  your employees the freedom to work where they please, when they please on a device that works for them; whilst ensuring your invaluable data remain integral, safe and within your control.

In one phrase, Microsoft Intune is for “securely linking employees’ personal devices to company data”. Microsoft Intune is built on Azure Active Directory.

Microsoft Intune allows you to link an unlimited number of mobile devices to an employees’ Active Directory profile.  Microsoft Intune is your secure link between an employee’s mobile device (iOS, Android, Windows) and corporate data.

For instance, Microsoft Intune allows your employees to download the “Microsoft Word” app and securely access company documents from that device. Meanwhile, inside of Microsoft EMS, IT can block access to certain users, devices, data, or apps. Furthermore, Intune can give you direct control over “corporate apps”, like installing certain apps upon deployment from a central console.

One great advantage of Microsoft Intune is that employees don’t have to give IT control over their entire device to ensure secure access to company data.

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