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Network Management

Your network is at the core of your IT business system. Therefore, maintaining it is essential. ClickNetworks continuously invest in the latest, state of the art technologies, allowing up to monitor your network 24 hours a day. This is essential to ensure your network;

• Works efficiently; Good management ensures your staff have access to the IT they need to do their jobs effectively.
• Maintains security; Even if you set your network up securely to begin with, you need good management to ensure it stays that way.

We conduct Network management tasks such as;

• Software management; This involves taking care of the software installed on your network or accessed via cloud services. It includes keeping track of installed software, applying any important updates.
• Hardware management; we maintain the physical equipment which makes up your network.
• Device management ; In addition to hardware management, you need to get a handle on the various devices that will connect to your network. It’s highly likely a vast array of laptops, smartphones and tablets will request access, and some will be employee-owned. It’s therefore vital that you possess the ability to manage their security credentials centrally.
• Security management ; Keeping your IT network secure and protected against cyber threats is key. We carry out daily security-related tasks include running and testing backups, regularly scanning for viruses and testing your firewall.
• User management ;Let Clicknetworks help you to  reduce administration and boost your network’s security further by giving employees different levels of access depending on what they need to do, removing access rights when staff leave and controlling what files people can change. 

Carrington Dean - Case Study

Being a company in the financial industry means that network security is of paramount concern. ClickNetworks having been managing our networks for years, and we know that we are in the safest hands – the 24/7 monitoring and the reports we receive from them means we don’t have to think about our network management.

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