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Office Moves

We take the stress and pressure out of your office move.

We will plan your move down to the last detail ensuring that it is a seamless transfer:

A full plan and checklist in relation to IT systems Check new office cabling/ wireless connectivity Safe close down of network and physical move of all hardware Re-directing email Liaising with BT/isp providers for new lines

We normally carry out office moves over a weekend (subject to agreement) so there is no downtime to your business operation and come Monday morning its business as normal.

Case Study

We were instructed by itison to project manage their office move, infrastructure refresh and cloud services.

With the company being so innovative, and creative we were excited to be part of this ambitious move, and worked closely with them to ensure we understood fully their IT estate vision.

Prior to commencing the office move, we consulted Itison in regards to their physical infrastrure, this was in relation to the cabling and networking of the new premise.

We scheduled in the office move over a weekend – so the staff would leave the old office on the Friday, and come in on the Monday morning the premise, commencing work like normal.

ClickNetworks procured the hardware and software on behalf of itison, to ensure they got the best deal. By allowing us to embark on the whole journey with them, meant that we took the weight off their shoulders- seeing the move through from conception to implementation.

Besides from building all users new PCs, we installed these into the new office, setting all users up.

Further; we installed and configured a state of the art firewall, migrated their 2008 environment to 2016, and installed an configured their corporate grade wireless kit.

Today, we still work closely with itison, providing them with IT managed services. They tailored the service we provide to their organisation’s IT needs. This means that one of our field engineers goes on site weekly; meaning we have visibility within itison, so staff always feel like they can resolve any niggles or issues they are having. This eradicates the need for a dedicated in house IT department, allowing Itison to focus on the day to day running of the business.

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