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Hyper-V Replica is a built-in replication mechanism at a virtual machine (VM) level. Hyper-V Replica can asynchronously replicate a selected VM running at your business site to the Click Networks secure servers replica site across the Internet.

Unlike most enterprise-grade replication technologies, Hyper-V Replica does not require a reliable, high-bandwidth network link between primary and DR sites. It’s designed to work with links that don’t run over dedicated lines, such as broadband or asymmetric digital subscriber line (ADSL) technologies, which may be subject to short outages.

What we offer is a completed disaster recovery service:

  • Seamless setup No other 3rd party software is required
  • Updates Incremental Updates sent to our replication servers up to 12 times per day. This ensures that if the worst was to happen the most recent data is available.
  • Security all data sent to the Click Networks data storage platform is via 2048bit encryption methods. The data is in a physical and digital secure storage area, which has multiple layers of backup.
  • Continuity Up and running within hours not days. If disaster was to strike your server environment Click Networks can have a replacement with the most recent version of your data on site that day.
  • End to End service From the moment disaster strikes Click Networks will manage the whole restoration process ensuring that your environment is working as was in the minimum amount of time.
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