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Simple and easy to use, low cost and feature rich, Click -Backup is designed specifically to address the needs of small and medium sized business Click -Backup, guides you through setting up multiple scheduled backup jobs to build a comprehensive layered backup strategy for your business in minutes.

With a clear and easy to use interface and setup wizards, backup jobs take only minutes to configure allowing you to back up everything from specific files to complete servers. Choose from one of the many pre-configured media rotation strategies to help manage your pool of backup devices and destination folders, and use the built in media labelling and preparation to keep track of and send alerts when backup devices need to be changed.

Multi Layered Backups

Click Cloud ServicesHaving a single backup of all the data on the server is not always the best solution - it's great if you need to recover from a disaster but not ideal if you just need to replace an accidentally deleted email or file. For this reason Click -Backup provides multiple job types that can overlap to provide many layers of protection. An additional benefit of layering backups is that you are no longer reliant on just one backup type. Should you have a complete disaster where you lose both the server and the last local backup, it's a definite benefit to have a second off site backup to fall back on.

Protection options include

  • Disk imaging with super fast differential updates
  • Files and Folders archive backup with large history
  • Application specific backups for VSS aware applications (Exchange, SQL, Sharepoint)
  • System State and Active directory backup to help role back a server OS to a previous stable version
  • Automatic off site data replication and archiving

Wide support of different hardware and destinations

Choose from a wide range of destinations. Whether you use low cost USB removable drives or dedicated NAS devices there are many options to make use of the backup media you have. Click -Backup takes the hard work out of managing a pool of removable devices and fully automates the task - simply tell Click -Backup how many devices you have in a pool and it will organise and label them for you. By keeping track of drives and tapes it is no longer an issue if the wrong media has been left in as the job will warn you but continue to run if required.

  • Removable USB drives
  • NAS
  • Tape drives
  • iSCSI targets
  • Local directories
  • Windows shares
  • REV drives
  • Rdx drives
  • Blu-Ray, CD, DVD
  • FTP server
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