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Click Networks has a well-established partnership with several providers, each one chosen by us to provide the most cost effective, resilient business connection for your business. One of the key advantages is that we have direct access to diagnostic & performance tools so you know who to contact.

Leased Line

A leased line is a high speed dedicated line to connect a company directly to the internet, or to another site. Because the line is not shared with other companies, we can guarantee the level of quality and speed with a 100% uptime SLA.

Leased lines (also called 'data lines' or 'private circuits') can also be used to securely link offices in different locations together as if they were in the same building, sharing servers and other network devices.


Ethernet first mile has rapidly developed into the industry standard for high bandwidth, fully scalable connectivity. Increased availability in recent years means prices have decreased rapidly to bring Ethernet easily within reach of medium and even smaller businesses.

In many key locations, we can now offer high bandwidth Ethernet circuits for approximately the same price as two 2Mb SDSL lines with hardware, and of course Ethernet usage is fully uncapped and un-contended.

Ethernet pricing is entirely bespoke based upon availability and your exact location. Our pricing starts from a 10Mb circuit but we can quote for up to 1Gb connectivity if required.


To businesses today, an internet connection in an office is as important as having a phone line. And for the majority the most cost effective solution is a standard ADSL line over an existing telephone line – or broadband as it's more commonly known.

Click Networks provides a range of connectivity options to connect your business to the internet, these include:


  • ADSL can be setup on an existing standard telephone line, or a new line can be installed at a small cost.
  • That telephone line can still be used to make and receive telephone calls, most our customers use their fax line to carry their ADSL.
  • ADSL offers reliable speeds of up to 24mbps (24,576 kbps), around 450 times faster than the old 56k dial up internet.
  • ADSL2+ offers higher upload and enhanced download speed.


  • SDSL can provide a more reliable internet connection, with an uptime SLA of around 100%
  • Upload speeds are normally faster than ADSL, this makes it ideal for connecting multiple offices through a VPN
  • SDSL offers many of the advantages of a leased line at a much lower cost.

Bonded ADSL

This is a relatively new technology which fills the gap between ADSL and leased lines. It provides a more cost effective alternative to upgrading to expensive Leased Lines, while providing many of the advantages. Up to four ADSL lines are combined into one single, faster and more reliable Internet connection.

online telecoms solution

VoIP (Voice Over IP)

We have years of experience in providing telecoms solutions to suit every business need. Voice over the internet is a solution that allows business to have the features and benefits of a corporate solution without the heavy recurring cost. Working with our hosted PBX partner 3CX we can provide:-

The VOIP PBX is supplied either hosted or installed onsite and provides the same functionality (in some cases more) as traditional PBX's. All telephones within the VOIP network can be assigned a Direct Dial Number, with your main company number assigned to a 'hunt group' or IVR (Interactive Voice Response) menu.

The PBX also boasts other features such as:

  • Voice Mail – if you're busy or out the office the PBX can be set to answer the phone and take a message. The message is either emailed to your personal email address or stored on the PBX for you listen to at your convenience.
  • Mobile Working – a VOIP phone can be plugged in at home or another location anywhere in the world where you have an internet connection and used as if you were in the office, you'll have the same contact details and features you'd have at the office.
  • Conference Calling – invite you colleagues into the call using the conference calling feature.
  • Customised IVR (Interactive Voice Response) – setup menus to direct the customer to the right person, voicemail, or simply play a message. E.g. "press 1 to be diverted to..."
  • Call Queuing – rather than playing an engaged tone, calls are placed in a queue and answered when an operator becomes available.
  • Music On Hold – play your callers a sound track when they're on hold or record your own.
  • Hold, Transfer, Forward calls as with a standard PBX.
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