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Printing services to optimize infrastructure, manage environment and improve workflow.

Reduce your overall printing costs

Your imaging and printing environment presents an opportunity to reduce costs from improved fleet management through to better workflow design. We`ve helped organizations save up to 30% and more on overall printing costs.

Digitize your documents

HP Document Capture solutions digitize your document-intensive processes. We help you convert manual paper-based document processes to digital and integrate these into an end-to-end flow of information. With automated digital workflows, users quickly sort, search and retrieve documents, resulting in faster action and better decision-making.

Active or living documents can be updated, tracked or changed, and users can effortlessly access documents via the Internet 24x7. Users can easily distribute final documents and information to almost any source, including printers, faxes, e-mail and content management systems.

Improve your environmental performance

HP Managed Print Services is good for business; better for the environment. Tap into the power of end-to-end services and solutions to transform your print environment for the better. We help you standardize on the right energy-efficient devices for your organization, use software and services to reduce ink and paper waste and improve productivity, and implement practical, convenient recycling policies and practices. Our assessment and Management of Change practices help you identify and meet your environmental goals.

Discovery sessions help you identify key business goals, imaging and printing initiatives, gating external and internal factors, and influential stakeholders. Discovery sessions typically happen through focused customer meetings and may range in scope from departmental to organization-wide.

Workshops can help you identify areas within your imaging and printing environment that are ripe for process improvement within a department or organization-wide. HP workshops cover a range of topics including Security, Mobility, Industry Workflows, Environment and more. Preliminary interviews and surveys of key stakeholders pave the way for an interactive on-site workshop with HP Managed Print Specialists.

Assessments use proven methodologies and software to analyze the strengths and weaknesses within your organizations' imaging and printing environment. Our approach identifies the "as is" state through remote discovery, on-site observation, interviews and workshops. Using expertise from both industry and best practice experiences, our assessments provide a specific set of future state recommendations.

Management of Change (MoC) is a structured approach to facilitating planned change within an organization, shifting from a current state to a desired future state. The MoC process helps an organization align expectations, integrate stakeholder teams, establish appropriate communication and training programs and set performance metrics—all for the purpose of enabling employees to adopt new attitudes, skills and behaviors to capitalize on MPS.

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