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For every new client we offer a detailed audit of their IT Infrastructure FREE!, we can also offer this for non clients for a small upfront fee, which is deducted if you accept an IT Support contract from us.

Your IT infrastructure is essential to your business so it must be able to support your company by running effectively and deliver impeccable service to your staff. If your IT is in a poor state, the ability of your business to function properly is potentially compromised and can be very detrimental to your revenue/performance to your own client's.

At Click Networks we offer a comprehensive, professional and thorough IT Audit service to your business. The key to success of your business is a deep understanding of your current position. Owners/Directors of a business need to be aware of their resources, strengths and weaknesses to be able to build appropriate business plans. Knowing exactly where you stand will benefit your business in many ways, for example it will help you develop and maintain an efficient Business Continuity Plan.

How does it work?

We have developed a sensible three-step audit that helps investigate and understand your business in an IT context:

Step 1 > People and Processes
The first step in the audit is to understand what you want, need and expect from your IT systems. We will investigate the resources of your system and how the systems are managed.

Step 2 > Technical Catalogue
Our engineers will examine your servers and your networking equipment. They will compile detailed network documentation reports, listing all the hardware assets with their specifications, and identify software that is installed across the network.

Step 3 > Report and Recommendations
Following the completion of the technical report, we will consolidate and analyse all of the information in order to provide a concise report on the current state of your IT and set out our recommendations for improvement.

Why not request an audit today for your network, as you will be surprised at what we can uncover. If you decide not to proceed with an IT contract you can still keep this valuable report for your future IT plans.

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