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Business Broadband

Business Broadband

In most areas, our ADSL Broadband provides faster upload and download speeds, usually up to 5 times faster than standard broadband from other providers. We can also easily add in a back up circuit that means no matter what happens you will have continuous access to the data network to keep your business flowing.

Bonded ADSL

We can bond together up to 4 Standard ADSL lines, this guarantees faster broadband regardless of where you are. There’s no expensive install, as it all works over normal telephone lines. This is a really cost effective way to improve your speeds at little extra cost.

Future Proofed

Just as importantly, ADSL Broadband is future proofed in a way that no other provider can or will offer. If you buy our ADSL Broadband, we will upgrade you to the new superfast FTTC as soon as it becomes available in your area. FTTC is the next generation of ultra fast data connection that businesses will need to cope with additional data volumes that are fast becoming necessary in business.

Leased Line

Leased Line

A leased line is a high speed dedicated line to connect a company directly to the internet, or to another site. Because the line is not shared with other companies, we can guarantee the level of quality and speed with a 100% uptime SLA.

Leased lines (also called 'data lines' or 'private circuits') can also be used to securely link offices in different locations together as if they were in the same building, sharing servers and other network devices.

EFM (Ethernet First Mile)

Ethernet first mile has rapidly developed into the industry standard for high bandwidth, fully scalable connectivity. Increased availability in recent years means prices have decreased rapidly to bring Ethernet easily within reach of medium and even smaller businesses.

In many key locations, we can now offer high bandwidth Ethernet circuits for approximately the same price as two 2Mb SDSL lines with hardware, and of course Ethernet usage is fully uncapped and un-contended.

Ethernet pricing is entirely bespoke based upon availability and your exact location. Our pricing starts from a 10Mb circuit but we can quote for up to 1Gb connectivity if required.

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